Male Female Guitar / Bass Vocal Duo 'ONYX'

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 We have been working as a duo for many years and have performed in many countries in hotels, at Army bases, Weddings, Pubs, Clubs, Private parties etc.

We are very interactive with the crowds and love to have a good natta and laugh with them, getting them to sing along.

We perform songs from the 60's through to the present day. We can play laid back ballads for background music or uptempo foot tapping music, whatever suits the crowd best.

 I (Kerry) play acoustic guitar and Tom plays the Bass guitar and we both sing in close harmony.

We can perform for 2  or 3 x 45 minute sets per evening and we have our own PA and lights.

 Please visit youtube to hear some of the music we perform thanks.........


CV for Kerry and tom

ClicKerry McKenna…Artist, Singer, Musician…Tom Blower..Musician,,,Singer.


At age thirteen I encountered the acoustic guitar and taught myself how to play. I sat in my bedroom for hours at a time whilst discovering the most magical emotive chords I could find. The time would fly by and I wrote many songs. I taught myself the keyboards and began singing in a six piece pop band similar to Abba. In 1979 we successfully passed auditions and appeared on ITV’s talent show ‘Search for a Star’. It was an amazing experience to record in the studio in London for a week, and to have the Alan Einsworth orchestra perform behind us as well as being taught how to dance by choreographer (Brian Rogers).

 I travelled to many places in the world along with Tom singing at various venues and events. I just loved to sing and play…..I got married to my sexy bass player Tom and had one beautiful daughter, Shelli.

 I set up a small recording studio in my home and soon I was recording other people and my life was filled with music. I took the studio on the road and soon I was recording orchestras, school plays etc and producing their CDs, pictures etc.

 I signed a 7 year deal with a worldwide distributor after writing, recording and producing 4 albums of music. I have had many songs published in different countries and have co-written with other songwriters to produce album tracks.

 The BBC produced a half hour documentary about me and my family and filmed us performing our songs in a club in Wales 1994.

 It has been said that I am akin to Eva Cassidy and Enya mixed together. I was on a panel of judges at the Commonwealth school pop idol competition in Swindon a few years ago where one of the prizes was to come and record a CD in my studio. That was a fabulous experience.

 Myself and hubby Tom sing as a duo at various venues’ in the Wiltshire area as well as having fun at open mic nights. We also like to play along with other musicians for events etc so if anyone needs a duo, singer or bass player then call us….


 At age 15 the same week that I left school I was offered a job as a bass player in a rock band called ‘Acid Rock’ which came right out of the blue. I bought my first bass which was a Hofner Violin Bass (Beatle Bass) Identical to Paul McCartney’s. And I was earning mega bucks in just one week of playing in the rock band doing gigs in South Wales.

 The band turned Pro in 73’ then I left them in 75’ to join a softer style of rock and pop band called ‘Quest.’ I continued to do gigs in South Wales. Then in 76’ the band folded and I joined a comedy band called ‘Tomfoolery’. We travelled extensively in the UK and Europe. The singer in the band was the now famous ‘Brian Connolly’ . I was with the band for three years then after that I fronted a comedy band on the Isle of Man for a summer season and the band was called ‘Gilt Edge’. When that band finished I successfully got a bass player job in a band called ‘The Friendly People’ and one of the girl singers was Kerry…..

 We performed in the Middle East, Dubai and Bahrain and other countries as a duo. The rest continues above as with Kerry’s musical story……